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Tempted by zippers; free bubble wrap and packing peanuts.

I nearly inquired into the availability of a lot of 6500 zippers today in a second-chance sale at an online donation-matching service (Excess Access). What saved me from this insanity? Said zippers are in San Francisco and they're local pickup only.

It does not, however, stop me from imagining what I might do with all those zippers.


Decluttering is exhausting, but it sure is nice afterward. It's still galling him a little to give things away instead of going through the cost of listing low-value items on eBay, but the free space is worth it.


I am giving away 3 120" lengths of 12" wide bubble wrap and several 13-gallon bags of packing peanuts if you need that sort of thing. Local pickup preferred; will ship if you pay shipping costs, which will be reasonably cheap given the weight.
Tags: 646.2_sewing, 648_housekeeping

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