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Webcam, ongawa! and more nerdy t-shirts.

I have a working webcam now and it looks like HAL. Thanks, R.

I have been walking around all day saying "Ongawa!" and laughing at myself since reading a post in which a friend saw a license plate bearing that personalization and in sharing with Vogon, he automatically associated it with the 250' jump tower at Fort Benning. Old paratroopers never die, they just go to hell and regroup. (Speaking of that, I have some material fomenting on the upcoming anniversary of the invasion of Grenada, but it's harder to get him to talk than it was to get my older relatives to talk about family history.)

I wore my Weapon of Math Instruction shirt all day today and nobody said a word. One of the elementary school math teachers chuckled at it, so at least I amused someone with it. I am now debating pre-ordering one of the LibrArian tees because the librarian battle rap in Little Dee has been hilarious. Where else would someone rhyme anything with "foie gras"?
Tags: 004_computers, 355.1_military_life, 817_humor

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