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Doing nothing is surprisingly exhausting.

I finally wibbled toward not attending Worldcon this year, although the Fluorospherian party was ridiculously tempting. johno, we'll meet at some con in the future.

I will be in Denver on the 23rd to pick up Laurel and return to Dallas. I'm not planning on doing anything wild and crazy while I'm there. I will take more pictures of my niece, because I have been rubbing it in that we share our first three initials and that she is quiet when I hold her. She fusses when my mom holds her. This is a rip in the space irony continuum, although I am unsure of how to repair it.

Laurel is looking forward to starting 3rd grade and seeing the chartreuse LL Bean bookbag I procured in the hunt for a yellow bookbag. Naturally the survival backpacks in last week's haul of using-up-the-FSA spending turned out to be a nice bright yellow, but those are not being turned into bookbags.

I am PMS'ing and thinking too much about hating my birthday. (Not the getting older part, which I rather like, but the actual day.) I'll be back to normal next week.
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