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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Fire season is in full gear, it seems. (copied from old weblog)

The Snaking Fire is over, but it looks like there's a new fire out that way. Dave and Chrissy saw a ton of firefighters mobilizing at the station near downtown Evergreen about 1430 and we've been seeing and hearing slurry bombers since about five minutes after that. Sent a tip in to 9News but they don't reply to news tips so I assume they got it.

Here's what the smoke plume looks like, looking towards the southwest from the front step:

[edit 1534]
It's hit the 9News website, currently being called the Black Mountain Fire. (See their story here.) It's burning in Pike National Forest between Black Mountain and Shadow Mountain, so it's closer to us than any of the past major fires (Snaking, Hi Meadows, Buffalo Creek) and I'm a bit freaked since we know a lot of people that live up in the area. Dad's going into work late and calling people... it's a bit surreal.

[edit 1640]
I really should give Gela a call and see how she's doing, but after the time spent on the phone today I'm not sure my phone mojo will hold out. Dad got ahold of a family friend that lives on Shadow Mountain and he said the area's been closed off to nonresidents. Erm. Still hearing slurry bombers but none as close or low as earlier so I guess I passed my chance for a good photo of one.

[edit 1930]
Got my chance, two came over low and loud. Hooray for a good shot, wish I'd had the Nikon working so I could have gotten some good film shots too.

0505_fireat1437 0505_fireat1514 0505_fireat1517 0505_fireat1553

0505_fireat1602 0505_fireat1614 0505_fireat1703 0505_fireat1759

0505_fireat1852.1_slurry 0505_fireat1852.2_slurry 0505_fireat1952 0505_fireat1952
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