Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Friday Five: daily routines (copied from old weblog)

the friday five

1. What are the first things that you do in the morning to start your day? Change Laurel's diaper, turn on the TV so we don't miss Sesame Street, make breakfast and read the paper.

2. What are the last things that you do at night before going to bed? Check my e-mail, wash my face and brush my teeth, and put on my pjs.

3. What daily routine have you recently added to your day? Walking the block with Laurel in the afternoon to tire her out before her nap.

4. What routine do you wish you could get rid of? I wish it didn't take so long for Laurel to fall asleep, but I like putting her to sleep.

5. What's the one thing that makes you feel like something is missing if you don't do it some point within your day? Seeing elk outside. (:
Tags: 304.5_memes

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