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A few things I'm grateful for... (copied from old weblog)

I meant to post about this on Wednesday night, but Laurel took her time falling asleep and I decided to stay in bed instead of my usual online rounds. Anyway...

Things I'm grateful for in my life...

...every moment I have with Laurel. Even though I'm only half-joking when I say I like her best when she's sleeping, she's one of the best things to have ever happened in my life. I miss having a "real" job, but it's only a few years until she's in school. Without Laurel it may have taken me years to develop what patience I have in the past year and several months... and I may never have grown to appreciate how much it means to sleep next to someone at night, even if they wiggle a lot.

...Robert Hayden and the friendship we've had over the past several years. He's been so thoughtful and giving I feel it's awfully uneven, but from a break from living in NC to a new monitor to a recent surprise package of a ring that actually fits, he always knows the exact thing to do to make me smile. (Background on the ring: I never had a wedding ring and it's gotten me more disapproving/pitying looks than I care to think about. It wasn't really an issue when Laurel and I were living in NC, but in Evergreen with just Laurel, it's been one.) I cherish you more than I can ever say. Give it time yet and we'll see what happens. I'm always looking for a girl for you.

...for my best friend. Michael balances and soothes me, but as the ever-protective mama bear, I'll rescue him the moment he needs it and can't wait for a wedding date so I can go gift-shopping. I don't know what I'd do without the other half of my brain.

...all the geeks of TODCRA. Letting me the Minister of Propaganda is ludicrous, but it's been fun so far. Pursuit of Slack makes me want to go to Seattle and play Dip and look at Matt's explodingdog book. It also makes me want to finish the rants section. I'll get to it this weekend if I'm lucky... hope real hard for me.

...two weeks of sweet anticipation until two of my friends are both home on leave. Zack may not have need of my cooking since I'm sure his family will spoil him *g* but Chuck is getting sticky buns and made-from-scratch blueberry muffins and anything else his little heart desires. Things we haven't used in years are going to be hauled out for this. And Zack? If we do dinner, I'll treat.

...the perfect dress(es). Just thinking about them makes me grin, even though I don't know when I'll have an occasion to wear the vintage YSL piece again. And I have to get a new foot control for the Singer before I can use Mom's machine to finish the unfinished vintage dress I got from Dandelion Vintage, but man, when that's done I'm putting on my Mary Janes and the nearest friend is going to learn to Lindy Hop. Many moons from now I'll be saying more about the 1930s gown, but everyone will see pictures when it gets its best use... heh.

And most importantly, my family. Wouldn't be me without them, and although I've got a love/hate relationship with most of them, I need every one of you guys. Yeah Sarah, even you.

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