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Happy Easter, or something. (copied from old weblog)

On the bright side, I can say Easter didn't completely suck because I did have quattro fromaggio pizza from Nick N' Willy's, but it did its fair share of sucking this year.

[Warning, cranky rant ahead!]

Amy and Branden were supposed to be moving out this week, but had only partially vacated the room by Friday, so I couldn't have James help me move stuff (Friday was his day off). They were supposed to get the rest of their stuff Saturday, but never showed up. Finally showed up this morning, and left an over-the-door shoe rack, a dresser in need of minor repair and an entertainment center in the room. They still have a fair amount of stuff here, but it's not in the room. Sunday afternoon I put sheets on the futon (which was set up Friday), hauled the computer(s) upstairs, disassembled my desk, hauled the parts upstairs and reassembled the beast. It was all right until Laurel woke up from her afternoon nap and fussed like she was possessed. Combined with my forgetting that carpeted stairs are Wrong and Bad, I had the joy of luge-ing down the last few steps after telling her to quiet down.

I gave up on getting her to sleep around 2230 -- after an hour of trying to keep her in the bed. Found out the hard way that her banging the keyboard while Lara's booting causes her to give me multiple Blue Screens of Death. *grumble* Futon, computer(s) and desk are upstairs. My unpacked clothes, stereo, and various other unpacked stuff is downstairs. I am not bringing anything else upstairs until I figure out a good way to keep her quiet since Elmo videos aren't doing it for her anymore.

I think we will also start drinking chamomile tea before bed. After all, it's nature's Valium and most of my friends would agree I could use several. Of course, I could also use the peace of mind that I could get a job and put her in quality daycare without worrying that he'll sue for custody if we ultimately divorce, but I'm not expecting that to happen anytime soon. I should lay down that we need counseling and can then go from there whether we're staying together or not. Being in limbo is hell.

Hopefully the Advil I took to quiet my bruised lower back will kick in soon. Should've taken a Phenergan too since my sinuses are being evil again, but I've got to get in to see the doctor for a new prescription since I'm down to less than a half-dozen at this point.

Happy Easter, or something. If you were here you could split the leftover pizza with me for breakfast.

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