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New Laurel stuff, miscellaneous brief rambling. (copied from old weblog)

New stuff from Laurel I may or may not have mentioned:
  • Counting. She can count to nine and identify individual digits, which makes for great fun when you're trying to fall asleep and she's pointing at the digital alarm clock saying "nine!", "five!" or whatever.

  • Letters. So far it's only C and U accurately, but it's a little scary to me. No, this does not mean she's going to Boulder for college. Well, if we're in Colorado then... I don't know.

  • VCR/DVD buttons. She's figured out how to turn on the VCR and set it to play, which is minorly annoying since I leave Elmo's World Wild Wild West in it rather than take off the VCR lock and take it out since we watch it nearly everyday. She's also been watching me intently when we use the DVD player (thanks, Amy, for giving us a copy of Elmo in Grouchland on DVD). I think I should be scared.

Laurel's also got her second cold this month, but hey. Front movement lately has my sinuses alternately wanting to vent through any available orifice and feeling like they're filled with wet concrete. Must remember to make an appointment to see the civvie doctor soon since I'm almost out of Phenergan anyway... *sigh* Anyway, my evil sinuses are kept within semi-tolerable levels with Tavist (yay clemastine), a prescription for promethazine (Phenergan), and Ponaris (makes my breath Pine-Sol fresh). Leave it to a civvie doctor probably getting jack from Tricare for my care to suggest this, but he's my hero lately.

Got in touch with a former classmate from Oxford Academy recently. She actually remembers me, which is creepy as all hell. Now I want to catch her online sometime and talk about people we mutually remember... wish someone could tell me what became of Brendan McGillicuddy. She's in touch with the other two people from my math group there... *chuckles* Orange alert! Geeks coming through.
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