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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Survey: current states, favorites, adjectives... (copied from old weblog)

A random survey-type ramble, borrowed from Jude, who is truly wicked pissah because she's so darned lovable.

Clothes: hiking socks (warm), dark blue Levi 505s, unamerican star logo tee, Air Force PT sweatshirt, translucent tortoiseshell-print headband.
Jewelry: silver and pearl ring (thanks, Amy and Branden), silver spider-shaped earrings.
Mood: ambitious.
Music: Jewel, "Near You Always".
Taste: raspberry (Hansen's raspberry natural soda)
Hair: pulled back with headband, air-dried so slightly wavy.
Annoyance: cold extremities.
Smell: can't smell anything strong enough to notice right now.
Thing I ought to be doing: installing Movable Type 2.0.
Desktop Picture: tiled cartoonish stars, yellow on navy blue.
Favorite Artist: Digital Blasphemy.
Favorite Group: disappear fear.
Book: Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously, Osho.
DVD In Player: The only DVD I own is of Pulp Fiction, but Elmo's World: Wild Wild West is in the VCR right now since Laurel wanted to watch it during/after dinner.
Color Of Toenails: a deep pinkish red called Heartthrob (Victoria's Secret). My regular color, Foxy (Jane), seems to be missing lately.
Refreshment: Hansen's Natural Soda, raspberry. Once that's done, it's water and instant lemonade until bed.
Worry: divorce, finances, finishing my undergrad work, paying down student loans...
Crush: Jude! *g*
Favorite Celebrity: Audrey Tautou.

You touched: Laurel, when I tucked her in.
You talked to: my mom.
You hugged: Laurel, shortly before the last time I touched her.
You instant messaged: no-one yet tonight; last night, Robert Hayden.
You yelled at: don't know. I don't get cranky enough to yell often.
You had a crush on: don't know.
Who broke your heart: Himself.

Food: cheese. Failing getting it straight, a quattro fromaggio from Nick 'N Willy's is great.
Drink: Hansen's raspberry natural soda, freshly-made lemonade, a good stiff tonic (hold the gin)
Color: elephant grey
Shoes: my steel-toe Skechers or my 3"-heeled boots
Candy: Haviland Wintergreen Patties, old-time honeycomb candies, Peach Blossoms, handmade raspberry truffles, saltwater taffy, my grandmother's molasses candy...
Animal: penguins, especially the caffeinated kind.
TV Show: Law & Order, Christopher Lowell Show, Trading Spaces
Movie: Amelie, Pulp Fiction, Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios, Animalympics, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Willow, Labyrinth...
Dance: With Laurel, Everybody's Doin' This Dance from CinderElmo; with my best friends, mmm... all of a sudden I'm hearing Tommy Dorsey.
Song: As if I could choose. What I've chosen off my list overriding random lately: Dispatch, "The General" and Indigo Girls, "Ghost".
Vegetable: fresh, I love peas. Steamed, artichokes and asparagus. Cooked, sweet potatoes. And garlic anytime! (There's my inner Chicana hollering.)
Fruit: raspberries, peaches, black currants... mmm... and blueberries!

Understanding: I try to be.
Open-minded? I've been called that, though my last girlfriend called me too vanilla.
Arrogant? I can be.
Insecure? More than I'd like to be, another thing I'm working on.
Interesting? I'd like to think so.
Hungry? Not at the moment. Nick 'N Willy's pizza is incredibly filling.
Friendly? Most of the time.
Smart? Been told I am, but I think of myself as a "suppository of information" (thanks, Mom) with particular ability with a paintbrush or needle.
Moody? Yeah.
Childish? I can be.
Independent? People think I am, but I'm really co-dependent deep down.
Hard working? Depends. If I give a sh*t about what I'm doing, I'll work myself to the brink of death. If I don't, I do enough to get by and sometimes a little more for flourish.
Organized? In most areas of my life.
Healthy? Could be better, but my chronic sinusitis is mostly under control. Now I need to get myself to a dermatologist for a good once-over and possible removal of some atypical moles.
Emotionally stable? As much as I can be, which isn't saying much.
Shy? Around large groups of people. With my cube or other semi-close friends, I am the queen. (:
Difficult? I can be. Depends on the issue and my mood.
Attractive? I don't think I am, but I've been described as cute as a button, stunning, and adorable.
Bored Easily? Not if I can help it.
Messy? Not that often. My clothes are a little disorganized at the moment since I only have a small shelving unit for them, but that's changing in a few weeks. Hooray!
Thirsty? Nope.
Responsible? More than I expected to be at this age, but hey.
Obsessed? With a few certain things.
Angry? I try not to since it's usually not productive.
Sad? At times.
Happy? At times.
Trusting? Used to be, but not at the moment.
Ill? Not presently, although I still have a lingering cough from the crud I had a few weeks ago.
Talkative? When I have someone to talk with.
Original? Quite possibly.
Different? From my normal self? No.
Unique? Yeah, a unique little snowflake just like everybody else.
Ignored? Sometimes.
Content? At the moment, but it's not a constant for me lately.
Optimistic? Working on it.
Deep thinker? I have my moments. Right now I'm not feeling very existential. Or am I?
Self-disciplined? Most of the time.
Sleepy? Not for another few hours.
Lonely? Sometimes.

Kill: I don't. Getting that angry is counterproductive.
Slap: various middle-management people, but that's a low-level constant.
Look like: the best of myself.
Be like: mu.
Talk to offline: either of my best friends.
Marry: at the moment, no-one. Ending a marriage is enough for me lately, although I'm open to offers and new opportunities.
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