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Friday Five: Lions and tigers and bears... ah, screw it. (copied from old weblog)

the friday five

1. What's your favorite animal? Penguins. Especially the caffeinated kind.

2. What pets have you had in your lifetime? Pets of my own, none. Family pets... several dogs (three wire-hair fox terriers, a Lakeland terrier, and a high-strung rat terrier that didn't like men), a succession of hamsters and fish, a kitten (for all of two days), a ribbon snake, a pair of adolescent green iguanas, and an anole. Thankfully, there aren't any in the house at the moment.

3. Is there any specific pet that you've wanted but never had? Why? I don't really want a pet since I'm living with my parents and the house is busy enough. If I was living on my own, I'd like a cat that could tolerate my ankle-biter. If I took up a friend on a past offer to cohabitate, I'd be happy living with his kitty Gandalf. G's a sweet cat and got along pretty well with Laurel when she was 11 months old -- she even said "kitty" for the first time to him.

4. Are you allergic to any animals? Cats, dogs, most anything that sheds. With the support of Tavist or an allergy med that doesn't give me too awful drymouth, I'm okay for the most part.

5. Do you have any 'pet' pet peeves (your pets or others')? People who don't pick up their dog's feces. The park I like to run in seems to have a lot of visitors who can't be bothered, and hence I have no animosity toward the idea of mountain lions making snacks of small pets left outside at night. (If you have a pet that small, you really shouldn't leave it outside at night anyway.) I can think of more, but most of my pet-related peeves are related to their owner's behavior and not the animals themselves.
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