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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Friday Five: home is... someplace. (copied from old weblog)

the friday five

1. What makes you homesick? The annual foliage issue of Yankee magazine. Kayem hot dogs. Hearing anyone drop into a Boston accent, especially when I'm in the South. Marshmallow Fluff. Violets in bloom.

2. Where is "home" for you? Is it where you are living now, or somewhere else (ie: Mom & Dad's house, particular state/city)? I do my best to feel at home wherever I am. Sometimes I'm more successful at that than at other times.

3. What makes it home for you? People? Things? Laurel and my computer. I can live with only that and be okay, even in base housing *g*, though friends, a comfortable bed and an Internet connection are nice perks.

4. Where is the furthest you've been from home, miles-wise? Considering the geographic separation of places I've lived, I'll figure from New England, in which case the furthest I've been from home has been Mexico. Cheap cost of living, lots of family, and great climbing make it attractive when I'm an empty nester someday.

5. What are your plans for this weekend? This weekend is Laurel's monthly overnight visit with her paternal grandparents, so I'm probably going to be getting work done on TODCRA and fiddling with reorganizing the Castle, as well as doing some mockups for a friend. If I don't get the February photos up tonight, I'll be finishing that over the weekend. With luck, I'll also get to run a few errands -- a ring I got for Christmas needs to be sized, a couple pieces need to be framed, and I should look at buying paint for next week's big project. I should dump all the CDs of MP3s a friend sent me onto my second hard drive so I can have another week's worth of no-repeat music and radio shows, but right now I'm listening to Groove Armada so all I really want is some good company, caffeine, and some fat bandwidth so I can float the new layout and CMS faster.
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