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New Laurel developments. (copied from old weblog)

Laurel's been trying really hard to do a somersault by herself the past few weeks. We've been helping her by giving her a little nudge when she doesn't have the momentum to turn over by herself. She finally nailed one on Thursday. On Friday morning, she did a perfect one, then went over to see if her Pop-Pop had noticed, tugging on his shirt and saying "Pop Pop!" in a little voice (she's usually pretty loud *g*) but he was asleep. Oh well...

Other new things:
  • After reminding my brother not to encourage her to be a daredevil (he told her to jump when she was trying to climb on the back of the loveseat), she's decided to climb some more... this time on the play structure at the El Rancho Burger King. It was interesting, but I think I'm better off not shucking my steel-toes to help her climb up to the slide and go down, much as she loves slides. It's a pain in the arse to climb up it while making sure she's not wriggling back down.

  • While there, Laurel used a new phrase: "shoes off!", and later at home took off her socks and said "socks" while handing them to Grandma.

  • Matchbox cars are of paramount importance now -- she'll fill your lap with them in a display of affection, carrying them to you in twos and threes shouting "cars!" to reinforce what she's doing. (:

  • Closets are fun to sit in. Branden left the door to his and Amy's room open without putting a gate in the doorway, then settled down on the couch. Laurel was on the loveseat with her Pop-Pop at the time, but quietly slipped down. We all thought she was still in the living room when we heard the closet door in Amy and Branden's room rattling... he went down to investigate and returned for the camera. Turns out Laurel was just sitting on the closet floor looking at all the shoes -- like her aunt Amy, she loves shoes -- and in Branden's words, "looking like a gargoyle". He tried to get a shot of it, but she bolted while he was taking a picture, so now we have a picture of Laurel coming out of the closet. (Stop laughing, I can hear you.)

Closet goblin
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