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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Survey: wasting time, almost inspired.

So judecorp almost inspired me to post again, especially since I'm so far piddling away my year of paid LJ.

name: Melissa
sex: ...not recently. You mean gender? Female.
age: 21
birthday: 9 August 1980
place of birth: Rutland, MA
siblings: two sisters (23 and 12), one brother (19)
parents: married 28 years, met in the Air Force.
pets: none at the moment.
height: 5'2"
hair color: dark brown
eye color: brown
eye color of choice: *shrugs*
writing hand: ambi, but right is faster
current residence: Evergreen, Colorado

nervous habits: thinking too fast, heartburn.
do you bite your nails? No.
are you double jointed? No.
can you roll your tongue? Yes.
can you raise one eyebrow at a time? If I try.
can you blow smoke rings? No, and being in the presence of smoke exacerbates my sinusitis.
can you blow spit bubbles? Yes.
can you flare your nostrils? No.
can you cross your eyes? No.
tattoos? Not at the moment, though I'll eventually get my first name in Mayan glyphs.
piercings and where? Ears, once each.
do you make your bed daily? Yes, though I'm of the base-sheet and duvet-covered-down-comforter school of bed covering.

what goes on first, bra, socks or underwear? Underwear. I don't even know where a matching pair of socks (other than the short person's) are.
speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone? No. I don't throw stuff too often.
on the average, how much money do you carry in your purse/wallet? Around $10, and quarters.
what jewelry do you wear 24/7? My half of a mizpah coin.
what's sexiest on a guy? Brain.
what's sexiest on a girl? Brain.
would you rather be on time and look OK or 10 minutes late and look great? I don't think I'm capable of looking great, so I have no issue with being on time.

do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it? Cut. Pre-child, twirl.
have you ever eaten Spam? Yes. It's one of Himself's favorite foods.
favorite ice cream flavor: standard, black raspberry. Worth buying by the pint, Ben and Jerry's Makin' Whoopie Pie.
how many cereals in your cabinet? Don't have a cabinet of my own, when I did we usually had frosted mini-wheats, chex and whatever Himself wanted.
what's your favorite beverage? Anything with lime juice and grenadine? *chuckles* Lately, raspberry lemonade.
what's your favorite restaurant? Independent, either the now-defunct Far East in the Little Tokyo neighborhood of Los Angles or Mama Josefina's in Denver (40th and Josephine). Chain, Johnny Carino's, because they make the best damn fried mozzarella ever.
what utensils do you use to eat pizza? Other than my hands?
do you cook? At my parents', hardly ever. With Himself, about half the time.

how often do you brush your teeth? Twice a day.
how often do you shower/bathe? Daily.
how long does your shower last? 10 minutes.
have you ever colored/highlighted your hair? No, but I might try it in the not-too-distant future.
do you paint your nails? My toenails are either chrome or miniature works of art. I hate the feeling of polish on my fingernails.

do you swear? Privately, like a sailor. Around the short person, I try to watch my mouth.
do you ever spit? No.

actor: Antonio Banderas, preferably in Almodovar movies. (:
actress: that brunette from Earth: Final Conflict.
animal: don't know.
food: raspberries, peaches, chocolate, garlic, homemade refritos, cheese... *shrugs* I love food.
day: any day magazines arrive.
cartoon: new, Invader Zim; classic, Spartakus (Sun Beneath the Sea) or David the Gnome.
flower: rubrum (stargazer) lily, shasta daises, orchids.
shoe: Birkenstocks or my steel-toe Docs.
subject in school: Latin.
color: There is no way I could pick just one.
sport: climbing.
body part on the opposite sex: Hands.
TV show: Trading Spaces, Law & Order.
book: The Nearby Faraway, David Petersen.
thing to do in spring: tend my garden.
thing to do in the summer: climb.
thing to do in the fall: jump in leaves.
thing to do in the winter: make snow angels.
perfume or cologne: I wear Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, but I don't really have a favorite scent.
game: chess, Fluxx, Diplomacy, Apples to Apples... don't get me started. (:

the CD player: Don't use my stereo much, but Sesame Street Sing Along Travel Songs is perpetually in the car stereo for Laurel.
person you talk most on the phone with: Himself, since he's pretty much the only person that calls more than once a month.
ever taken a cab? A few times, but I'm a proponent of public transportation.
do you regularly check yourself out in store windows and mirrors? Never really noticed.
what color is your bedroom? Walls, elephant grey; bedding, emerald green; furniture, black and light maple laminate; accessories, black, green, red and white (Amelie movie poster, various b/w artwork, cherry-print valances and miscellaneous fabric pieces).
do you use an alarm clock? Only if I have to get up before 0700.
name one thing you are obsessed with: chrome nail polish... or the smell of leather-bound books. Mmm...
have you ever skinny-dipped with the opposite sex? No.
ever sunbathed nude? No.
window seat or aisle? Doesn't matter as long as Laurel has her own seat.

what's your sleeping position? Semi-fetal position, usually on my right side.
do you snore? No.
do you sleepwalk? No.
do you talk in your sleep? I subvocalize, but there's a long story behind that.
do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No.
how about with the light on? No, but I can if I have to.
do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on? No.

what do you look for in a guy? Michael. (Not that he's reading this, but he would be the perfect date. Eternal gratitude goes to Mom Trowbridge for raising decent kids.)
what is the first thing you notice when you look at a guy? I notice anything? I suppose whether or not they look like they'd want to play Fluxx or chess.
what do you think of cheating? In a closed relationship, it's a Bad Thing. In an open relationship, is it called cheating?
makeup: Rarely. I think I own some blush, and maybe some concealer...
tell the truth: What gain is there in not?

coke or pepsi? Er, no. When I drank soda, I preferred Revel, but they're no longer around... *sigh* rather fond of Hansen's raspberry now when I do indulge.
oranges or apples? Oranges.
one pillow or two? One, preferably buckwheat.
deaf or blind? Agh. Both would be equally awful in my little world. Could I say losing smell since I already know that's not so bad?
pools or hot tubs? Not really into either.
blondes or brunettes? Brunettes.
tall or short? Short.
TV or radio? Radio, preferably NPR or KBCO.
beach or pool? Beach.
Tic-Tacs or Certs? Penguins, baby. Of the choices, orange Tic-Tacs.
Snooze or jump out of bed? Depends on whether Laurel's awake yet.
sunrise or sunset? Sunset.
hamburger or cheeseburger? Veggie burger, with cheese. (:
morning or night? Night.
sports or news? News.
bikini or one-piece? One-piece.
indoors or outdoors? Outdoors.
Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Eve.
cake or ice cream? Ice cream.
Bert or Ernie? Ernie, especially in "Dance Myself to Sleep".
spicy or mild? Spicy. It's not like I can taste anyway...
spearmint or peppermint? Wintergreen, darn it.
call or write? Write, though calling is nice.
peanut butter or jelly? Raspberry jam. (:
hamburger or hot dog? Real meat or vegetarian? I'm really not much of a meat eater, and I don't trust meat that I didn't personally cook.
dog or cat? Cat.
bath or shower? Shower.
book or movie? Well, I see about one movie a year in the theater, so I'd have to say book.
green or red apples? Either, as long as they're cooked.
rain or snow? Any? Four or five inches (as a slow soaking whatever) would be swell.
Nike or Adidas? When I have to wear shoes, it's either Birkenstocks or steel-toed oxfords.
Beatles or Elvis? Beatles.

took a shower? This morning.
watched bambi? The movie? A long time ago. Actual deer? Within the past week. Between them and the elk our garden is mostly gnawed to the ground. Overpopulation and drought are nasty bedfellows.
cried? Sunday.
talked on the phone? Last night.
read a book? Earlier today.
punched someone? I have no idea.

where do you see yourself in ten years? I don't know. Hopefully finished with my bachelor's?
who are you going to be married to? Same person I am now.
how many kids? Again, hopefully no more than I have now. One anklebiter is enough for me.
your profession: Lesbian Emigration Specialist for judecorp's Isle of Lesbo.
future school: Anyplace that won't renege on aid offers and won't throw a brick at my head.
car of your dreams: One with a driver, of course. (:
Tags: 304.5_memes, 817_humor

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