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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

An out of the blue visit and some new Laurel stuff. (copied from old weblog)

For those of you keeping tabs on my human contact: I haven't seen Michael since just before I moved to North Carolina -- Laurel was 8 weeks old and he replaced a fan in my computer that had a shot bearing. We've kept in touch by e-mail and instant messaging since, and we've exchanged a few phone calls too. Since he's got a pretty busy life, we hadn't managed to see each other even though I've been home since late July 2001.

This morning around 1040, the phone rang and I picked it up, expecting either a telemarketer or someone wanting to leave a message for Dad, Mom or Amy. It was Michael, calling from 285 and Wadsworth wanting to know if it was okay if he swung by. (Okay!? He's lucky he couldn't hear what I was thinking or he'd have been deafened.) He arrived a little before 1130... we hung out in the living room (Laurel watched the end of Sesame Street and then an Elmo video while being her flirtatious self *g*) and eventually made our way out to lunch. Had a nice lunch at the Phoenix and a strange conversation (not bad, but wide-ranging and awkward at a few points) on the way home. Thanks, T. Stop by again sometime with Kathryn and I'll make you guys some baklava. (:

New things from Laurel this week: she's starting to give hugs and kisses when prompted, has learned how to view photos on the digital camera (ack!), and said a new word today -- frog.
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