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Vogon health update: endoscopy down, biopsy results and followups to come.

Summary: Vogon's endoscopy went fine. No ulcers at the moment, expected amounts of esophageal irritation, a few samples out to biopsy. Followup with our regular doc on Friday, gastro doc next week.

Verbose: We took a taxi there and back. The driver on the way over was disconcerting in that third-world-driving-skills and low-English way (at the end he fussed for cash rather than swiping our card, shorting himself on the tip) and the one on the way back was so great I called the taxi company later and let them know we appreciated his professional manner.

The waiting room was freezing cold and had CNN on at a volume that masked nearly everyone's conversations. I staked out a seat next to a console table for the extra elbow space to maneuver my stitching frame and have the pattern and mint tin of small notions easily accessible while I stitched. (New World Discovery is on a 24" wide scroll frame while I knock out the larger portions of backstitching.) We arrived 45 minutes before his appointment time and he was called back about 20 minutes beforehand for prep.

Nothing interesting in the waiting room; some older man watched me stitch like a hawk (oh hi, I have peripheral vision) because he apparently didn't bring anything to do or read and CNN flipped away from the first interesting story in over an hour to cut to Hillary Clinton giving a speech. Poor fellow.

Vogon was back there about an hour twenty before arriving in recovery. He was very pink and had a slightly elevated heart rate, but it was cute when he opened his eyes and said "Hey, they let you back to watch?". The gastro doc (who's just adorable and has a son named Tej) came over to check on him and let me know what they saw and biopsied, then left us to sit for about half an hour while Vogon came out of the anesthesia haze. I amused myself by whispering funny things in his ear and periodically poking his left nipple, then informing him his "wake up button" was malfunctioning. (Under normal conditions, if he brushes against it in his sleep, he'll startle awake.) When he got dressed, we laughed at finding unexpected tumescence and I told him to wear baggier shorts next time.

He was still wobbly and somewhat droopy at the half-hour point, so a nurse gave him a wheelchair ride to a waiting area adjacent to the covered exit area. He continued perking up while we waited, then stood up still wobbly to stagger a few steps to the couch I was sitting on to check out the stomach display model on the table next to it. I called the taxi service and the driver arrived in barely ten minutes, although he needed directions for the few turns from the major intersection to the endoscopy center.

After a nice uneventful ride home, Vogon went up the stairs pretty confidently, got a drink of water after we got in the door, and staggered into bed. The cat was very happy about this and groomed his entire head for him. He came out bright and shiny after a few hours' rest.

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