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Why I haven't been posting much; or, the return of Vogon's stomach ulcer.

Vogon's stomach ulcer, long under control, started bleeding on Saturday. He has been refusing to see the doctor and insists on going to work, where they promptly send him home.

I have been keeping tabs on his intake and emesis, which sealed my decision earlier today that he is either going to see my doc tomorrow (she is literally around the corner, versus ~35 minutes to his doc down at Presbyterian - Dallas) or I am going to call in my beaners to physically take him to Presbyterian - Plano (a few minutes up the road). At best, he'll get fluids and a banana bag, but I already have an overnight bag packed in case he's admitted for an overnight stay.

He is still ambulatory but intermittently staggering; coherent when he's awake, but since Monday that's only about 6 hours of every 24 and most of those are spent in the study unconsciously making whimpering noises while he attempts to work from home.

I'll update on the situation after he's been seen by a healthcare provider.

edit 0810 4/17: My doc had a 1000 opening today. I love her and her PA (who is cute in a nerdy way, but that's another story).
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