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Invader Zim thoughts... (copied from old weblog)

I've been kicking around getting a tattoo of a Jhonen Vasquez character for awhile, but never found one I really loved enough to mark my body with. 'Nny's too dark, Squee's too cute, Devi's just not me, and filler bunny is fluff. (No pun intended.) We wont' even discuss Happy Noodle Boy since it's already decided he's one of my heroes. So after some consternation -- and a discussion with TODCRA operatives, we decided I should go with Invader Zim. Specifically, the enclosed image showing Zim holding the world in his hands with Gir at his back holding up a piggy in the same pose. (There's a massive -- 630 kb -- copy of this in the World Animation Celebration's press pics, look under Faily Odd. I just made a smaller copy of it to illustrate this post.)

Then we discussed all the implications of Nickelodeon putting their massive marketing behind Zim and realized it won't be good for my geek cred to have a Zim tattoo. But I've been a fan of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Squee since high school... and dammit, Zim is funny precisely because it's full of Not For Kids jokes although it's on Nickelodeon. So it's a possibility for the day when I can afford it and I figure it's worth it -- I never had a wedding ring (and if you've seen my engagement ring, it's a plain silver band that's since worn enough that it discolors my finger after I wear it) and it'd be fun as well as a way to identify me should I ever become lost (aren't I always?).

I'm moderately nonplussed about Hot Topic having so much IZ merchandise. I avoid their stores because the strong vibes of trying to be hip and edgy make me nauseous. Also the salesgirl in the pink fur skirt at the Denver Pavilions store smelled like she could use a bath in Febreze, but first impressions go a long way with me. Should you be so brave to wander into one, drop me a line -- I actually like the Invader Zim lunch box and it would go with my existing collection of metal lunch boxes (mostly of McPhee origin, which is much more desirable in my book).
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