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Laurel's 18-Month WBC and other Good Things. (copied from old weblog)

Good, today: Laurel made it through her 18-month well-baby checkup with nary a hitch. She fussed a little at being undressed for weighing and measuring, fussed again when the nurse left and when the doctor looked in her ears. We have to visit again when their stock of Prevnar (pnemonucoccal/strep vaccine) comes in, but unless she gets sick, that's the last time we'll see them until her 24-month checkup. Beta: height 33 1/3" (84.6cm), weight 23 lb 4 oz (10.5 kg), head circumference 17 3/4" (45 cm).

After her checkup my dad (Pop-Pop to her) treated us to lunch at Coney Island after asking mom if we wanted to eat lunch out and Laurel very clearly said "fries!". They are the best thing there since their shakes have declined in recent years... her other new word today was crow,which she said while pointing at a few in the parking lot. That was even more of a surprise, but we shouldn't be that she's such a verbal kid. (:

Good, yesterday: got mad work done on TODCRA setting up MovableType templates and importing content from the old site... but the bulk of the work was formatting and nit-picking. I'm a bit over half can see what I've got if you'd like. (For the uninitiated, TODCRA is an acronym for The Official Dead Cat Revolutionary Army. I'm their minister of propaganda.)

The biggest surprise of the day was a package in the mail... until after dinner. The front doorbell rang and I let my brother get it because it was most likely someone wanting to see him. Much to my surprise , it was two of my fellow D'Evelyn alumni -- Cam Cross and James Ballard. Cam mentioned a few weeks back that he might stop by while he was home on break (he lives a few minutes away, most of them vertical), but I hadn't seen James since summer '99. James is working up in Evergreen now, so I'll have to stop by and say hi to him sometime. Good convo, moderate caffeine consumption, and they were --as always -- polite enough to not mention that I probably looked like hell since I'd pulled an all-nighter working on TODCRA. Heh. James is growing facial hair and it suits him, which I hadn't expected. Hooray for gamers! If they want their old chara sheets from when I ran RPG Club at D'Evelyn, someone's going to have to voluntarily move boxes. I know my GM notebook is in one of the boxes of books...
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