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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Feliz año nuevo and new words from Laurel. (copied from old weblog)

I would have been on at my normal time tonight, but Laurel went to sleep late (note to self: tire her out by letting her do the stairs again when you forget to bring her "arf' downstairs) and then fell asleep on me so I had to wait for family to get home from Skate the Lake so I could slip away to check my e-mail before sleeping myself. Hooray.

I hope everyone starts their new year off well. I wish I could have been with friends for New Year's -- or seen Xiren at the Soiled Dove (sorry, Cam), but I've got the rest of the year for that. On the bright and wonderful side, I did get to start the year with a new monitor and a new-to-me system thanks to my personal SantaBunny. *g* It's funny how something as simple as a better monitor improves your quality of life in so many small yet significant ways... all I can really say is thanks again, and next time I see you I owe you a malted at Crown's.

New words from Laurel in the past week: flowers, fish, bear, Tigger,cheese (well, not new but clearly now). We're working on people's names lately since she's only got consistent ones for half the household (Pop-Pop, David, Sarah) and nothing for the rest (Grandma, Branden, Amy). Should be interesting. (:
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