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Santa and other holiday musings. (copied from old weblog)

1214_santapictureLaurel had her first encounter with Santa at the local Wal-Mart. She was happy for several minutes to wave, flirt and watch other kids sit on Santa's lap, but once she got antsy I decided to see if she wanted to meet Santa. I guess he wasn't as fascinating up close for Laurel, so she wound up on my lap next to Santa so the employee on photo duty could get a shot of us with my digital camera. I'd say it came out pretty well, aside from Laurel looking a bit rumpled from not sitting still. I cleaned up some background, eliminating stockings behind us and a box of candy canes by Santa's feet; laugh at will.

I'm still trying to figure out who I have to spend money on given this year's budget. I'll probably go with gift certificates for Himself's mother and sister. It makes sense to me to let them pick out something they need or want since I have no idea. I admit that I'm not close to them and likely never will be, so it's the best I can figure out that's somewhat thoughtful. Still thinking on my family and friends like Michael, who think I actually have taste (gasp!) when in fact I'm just a minimalist with a long memory. (Don't ask me why I gave him copies of Stephen Ambrose's D-Day and Citizen Soldier for the past Christmas and birthday. I honestly can't remember except that it seemed like a good idea at the time.)

It started snowing around dinnertime last night and quit sometime overnight. I'd guess we have about 4 inches in the backyard, but my point of reference is off since the snow closest to the downstairs sliding door filtered through the deck above it. If it warms up nicely during the day, we'll take Laurel sledding in the yard if she comes home while it's still light. I haven't gotten to dress her in her snowsuit since we bought it, but she'll have fun getting dressed since she loves to wear her snow boots inside!
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