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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Laurel, her new molar, and some rambling about baking and recipes. (copied from old weblog)

1119_01lalacrown Laurel enjoyed lunch at Burger King, although she prefers to wear her cardboard crown opposite of the way it appears to be designed for wearing. She behaved surprisingly well for a short grocery run afterward, but it was probably because she behaves much better for her Pop-Pop than for me. (Doesn't she for everyone? But then she sees me for most of her daily life, and going out on errands or with Aunt Amy to church is an adventure.) We also found a distraction for her from reaching for the digital camera when I'm taking pictures of her -- a camera of her own, long unusable and unloaded.

Laurel had a generally fussy day because her first molar has come in. I put some Ora-Gel on the gum around it, but it's a rather ugly reminder that I really need to get her some sort of dental coverage. Military dental coverage has a reasonable enrollment fee where Tricare has none for active duty families, but Himself passed on it when we were living in North Carolina since my teeth are already in lousy shape and Laurel didn't have any until several months after we enrolled in Tricare Prime. I'll have to look into what we can afford for her on my budget. (I always hope to be pleasantly surprised.)

I made my first attempt at a raspberry chocolate cheesecake today. Didn't thaw the berries enough before pouring the cheese mixture on top so the whole shebang could go in the oven, but now I know that for when I make a more presentable one. I didn't screw up the chocolate topping, though. I've made ganache enough times for other purposes that I'd have to have some kind of serious bodily injury to mess that up. If my second try comes out well, I'll take a picture and type up the recipe for the Rosenbergs. Ed seems to enjoy the recipes I've posted to Ten Solar Way, although I think someone else requested the green chili -- an actual chili, not the green chile sauce you can buy canned at the supermarket -- last year.
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