Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Purchase: Robo Vampire on DVD.

In further proof our movie collection is sending us to hell, I just spent $6.50 (including shipping) for a sealed regionless DVD copy of Robo Vampire on eBay.

I am mildly concerned that he intends to acquire the entirety of Martial Arts Theater/Eden entertainment films, but if we pay $3-5 per on eBay, I'll live with it.

On an unrelated note, throwing 1/3 cup (80 ml) of cocoa into no-bake cheesecake mix makes a very satisfying chocolatey cheesy puddle that's not overly sweet. (It set decently but I forgot to grease the pie pan before making the crumb crust, so it didn't come out of the pan neatly.)
Tags: 381.177_ebay, 640.73_shopping, 641_food, 791.43_movies

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