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We let the worm composter go for awhile without regular attention, so we're restarting three trays this weekend. Laurel enjoys helping with the worms, so I'm only helping minimally this round. (My knees are thankful for that.) Some of the finished compost will be going to repot the ficus plants and restart the potted grass for the cat. The pineapple could stand to be repotted too, but I have to cut it back first. Not a fan of bromeliads poking me.


The Thursday winter weather postponed the school event where we're providing face painting and balloon decor to the end of the month. This gives me more time to buy some small Snazaroo palettes, a couple of stampers (with volunteers of unknown experience painting it's a good choice) and decide whether to buy cosmetic glitter. I'm considering the UV reactive Snazaroo paint too, but that would be for personal use.


After hitting another plateau of motivation/behavior with Laurel, we've been listening to the audiobook of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and applying it there. It would have been nice to do the Landmark Forum, read Richard Lavoie's books and listen to Rosenberg earlier in Laurel's life. Just Lavoie's books would have been much more useful to read while I was pregnant than the "What to Expect" series and never-let-your-child-cry books that made up most of my local library's parenting collection.

We've also been using new-to-her music as an earned incentive for consistent behavior, so this weekend I sussed out her taste in Desi music some more (I've been downloading desihits.com podcasts and noting artists she likes) and I bought Baby Loves Jazz and Vienna Teng albums to burn to disc for her to work toward.


Mar. 15th, 2008 02:54 am (UTC)
Re: rambles on the "experts" advice to hover over the little ones.
Sounds like you have got the "best practice" approach, and a good handle on it, to use the lingo. :)
Hell, as an adult, I need some positive reinforcement or implied threat of negative consequence to attend some of the spork-my-eyeballs-out meetings and such. :P (ie Monday I am wasting money on Starbucks if I can get out of the house an hour earlier than usual to go to idiot supe meeting)

One thing I learned from High/scope (which btw, you would totally groove to, check out high/scope.org), and even use with adults, including myself, is that instead of "will you do X task?" I think or ask, "How do *I* want to accomplish X task?" It does not change what needs to be done, but when I have or am given or can give to others the option of input on how to do something, one gets the illusion of control and ownership in the process, and that can be its own reward or reinforcement sometimes. ie If the cd's stopped working as a motivator after awhile, in this logic, you could tell Laurel, "Look, I need you to be dressed and ready to go (and by ready to go I mean specifically "coat on, with back pack and lunch bag in hand, etc") by 8:00, and I don't have time to nag you every single morning. What can we do to help you do this by yourself? " If she's old enough she may have her own idea, if not, suggest some alternatives- lists, charts, labeled baskets to put necessary materials in near the door, find where the routine gets snarled and try a new way- let her pick out and pour her cereal the night before and put it in the fridge next to the milk, post signs with words or pictures for the next thing to remember by what goes before it in the routine, etc.

Yeah, back talk and foot dragging are normal but exasperating.
Good luck and good for you for being proactive, not waiting until you get a "bad note home" to deal with any of it and act shocked and scandalized.


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