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We let the worm composter go for awhile without regular attention, so we're restarting three trays this weekend. Laurel enjoys helping with the worms, so I'm only helping minimally this round. (My knees are thankful for that.) Some of the finished compost will be going to repot the ficus plants and restart the potted grass for the cat. The pineapple could stand to be repotted too, but I have to cut it back first. Not a fan of bromeliads poking me.


The Thursday winter weather postponed the school event where we're providing face painting and balloon decor to the end of the month. This gives me more time to buy some small Snazaroo palettes, a couple of stampers (with volunteers of unknown experience painting it's a good choice) and decide whether to buy cosmetic glitter. I'm considering the UV reactive Snazaroo paint too, but that would be for personal use.


After hitting another plateau of motivation/behavior with Laurel, we've been listening to the audiobook of Marshall Rosenberg's Nonviolent Communication and applying it there. It would have been nice to do the Landmark Forum, read Richard Lavoie's books and listen to Rosenberg earlier in Laurel's life. Just Lavoie's books would have been much more useful to read while I was pregnant than the "What to Expect" series and never-let-your-child-cry books that made up most of my local library's parenting collection.

We've also been using new-to-her music as an earned incentive for consistent behavior, so this weekend I sussed out her taste in Desi music some more (I've been downloading desihits.com podcasts and noting artists she likes) and I bought Baby Loves Jazz and Vienna Teng albums to burn to disc for her to work toward.


Mar. 11th, 2008 01:58 am (UTC)
btw, I was not critiquing your parenting style or anything, just ranting on
how the "modern" parenting advice books are guilting parents who could be good parents if they didn't follow those darned books.
Mar. 14th, 2008 01:48 am (UTC)
I know. I felt guilty when Laurel was little about how I felt like I was failing her by not giving her enough social stimulation (we went to one mommy and me group and had a terrible time), not dressed impeccably every day, etc. until my mother asked me what I remember about my early childhood.

What I remembered: being allowed to look at any book in the house as long as I was gentle with the book, drawing on paper taped to the wall, playing in the fabric scraps, and looking out the window. I don't remember whether we went to playgroup every week or even most of my clothing, although I remember a few special dresses and a shirt that had a pair of birds appliquéd on it. (I have a photo of my sister in that shirt online if you're curious.)

So I don't think Laurel's too deprived by not doing all the things the books recommended -- she's still clever, inquisitive, and has average fine motor skills, which makes for terribly funny puppets that she cuts out of polarfleece scraps and I sew together per her directions.
Mar. 15th, 2008 02:35 am (UTC)
Oh, my favorite "toys" were sheer fabric scraps, old ballet recital costumes and a tin of assorted buttons at my Grandmother's!

I loved making "hotels" and other things for my strawberry shortcake dolls out of stacked boxes and old coffee tables, and making menus, books and signs out of paper.

There were a few toys and name brand things I pined after but never got, but I do remember mom never said no to a book fair.
I never lacked for things to read.

I remember being upset with knockoff Benetton and Swatch clothes, and some that were so ugly I was mortified to wear them (one was pink and purple with like a tetris-type checker print. It was hideous) but that built character. I dress better now, but know how to find things on sale.


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