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A small setback in healing up for the next round of extraction.

This round of post-dental work healing started out well: the dentist noted the extraction sites had clotted before they applied gel foam (apparently similar to dissolving stitches), the swelling dissipated the day after, the pain was manageable with OTC pain relievers two days post-extraction, and I was up to eating a breakfast quesadilla on Saturday morning.

Unfortunately the pain started coming back below and behind (TMJ) the extraction site later Saturday. Now my right lower jaw is swollen up, although not as badly as the molar abscess I had a few years ago, and I have to call the dentist in the morning. I expect to start on a round of antibiotics, probably Levaquin -- the day after we bought fresh milk! *sigh*

I'm gonna go make another mug of warm milk while I can enjoy it and put Laurel in the tub. I'll update on the dental situation after I talk to/see the dentist tomorrow.
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