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Holiday travelogue... ah, this is good enough.

I am so ready to go home. My feet are cold in two pairs of socks, Laurel is acting out and talking in ALL CAPS, and I forgot to pack some bitchwort (cramp bark [Viburnum opulus] and squaw vine herb [Mitchella repens]).

But I've had a really good time. I froze the snot in my nose twice (Zoolights and Skate the Lake), went cart-diving for Christmas clearance stuff on New Year's Eve, and blurted out "salty walrus" in the middle of a restaurant to describe ranch dressing all over my nephew's face. I got a new phone I don't really know how to use and a clearance Canon PowerShot A460 so I finally have a pocket-size camera. I bought even cooler post-Christmas clearance stuff yesterday for 37 cents apiece (body butter, massage cream and gel eye masks) at another grocery store and got a quarter stuck in a gumball machine trying to get a cell phone charm that looked like a penguin. (It accepted the other two quarters and I got one that looks like a kawaii snowman.) I stood up to my sister when she said something to Laurel that really bothered me. And I got a Prada purse, although my brother's girlfriend declined to wrestle me in Jell-O for it.

So that's about it. I miss Vogon and my Bubby-cat terribly and can't wait to see them tomorrow. I really will upload photos to Flickr by this weekend, if only to show you that my nephew is way too cute to be believed that my sister and brother-in-law made him.
Tags: 917_north_american_travel

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