Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Holiday travelogue, day 1 and 2: arrival and gingerbread.

We arrived at Dallas Love Field 2.5 hours before our departure time, which allowed plenty of time for Laurel to pick through a McBreakfast before the security queue. (There's minimal food choice in the terminal.) The security queue was slow, but once we got to the front of the line I was mildly surprised that my stainless steel medical ID bracelet didn't ping the metal detector.

Once we got past security I got a good eye- and earful of why DAL is so much cheaper to fly through: it has the same ambiance of a Big Lots store. It was way too noisy for my taste -- even with my noise-canceling headphones on. The flight into Oklahoma City was uneventful and Laurel enjoyed the relatively low altitude of our flight allowing her to look down at the ground and announce the tractor-trailers on the highway looked like ants. We both slept for the Oklahoma City-Denver leg of our trip.

We rode the airport train into the terminal all the way from concourse C with a little boy who looked like Dennis the Menace. As we came up the escalator from the train to the terminal, we could hear my older sister shouting "Laurel!". My nephew is adorable as ever, but now becoming verbal. He really liked playing with my monkey [finger puppet].

We stopped in Arvada for lunch and got up to my parents' in mid-afternoon and the kids spent lots of time playing. We were quite amused that Austin (~18 months) was just as happy pushing Laurel around in the Cozy Coupe as he was letting her push him around in it. Dave and a friend came in from snowboarding at Loveland and did something which I will continue to not think about that involved being on the roof with a snowboard? and videotaping it?... lalala, I can't hear what you're saying. Yep.

I nodded off around dinnertime and extracted myself from my parents' criminally comfortable couch to the guest room around 11 PM, then woke up bright and shiny around 9 AM, just in time for the Qwest tech to arrive and see me in my pajamas while he set up my parents' shiny new router. Yay for having high-speed Intarwebs in the mountains!

Later in the morning, we extracted a pre-assembled gingerbread house from Wilton for Laurel to decorate. I think she ate more of the candies than she put on it, but it sported a nice ridgeline of mini marshmallows, a cereal straw chimney, a fruit leather door and a marshmallow snowman with a little yellow frosting on his bottom "snowball". Heh.

Somewhere along the line I rode along with my baby sister to pick up lunch from CJ's and later to get some last minute groceries, a stocking stuffer for me, and a Holiday Bratz doll. The gay Starbucks guy got a good laugh out of us arguing over the Bratz -- Sarah thought it looked like a prostitute and suggested the holiday Barbie was classier, but I argued Barbie had unrealistic breasts and lip liner (the Bratz have darker lip liner than lip color, which slays me every time I see it) and the Bratz doll came with a tiara. Suck that, Mattel!

Now my brother and his girlfriend are watching a movie in the living room, Mom is sewing downstairs (I will be embellishing the piece she's binding now a bit later), Laurel is playing computer games and I think Sarah is in her bedroom saying noonie to me on Facebook. Yabos, ho. (;
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