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Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Meme: Christmas survey, nicked from mountain_hiker.

1. Christmas tree up yet? I haven't put one up in a few years since Laurel and I visit Colorado over the holidays.

2. Any Christmas decorations up yet? No, but I'll probably change out the front door wreath soon.

3. What are you asking for Christmas? What?

4. What do you usually do on Christmas Eve? Last year Laurel had a stomach bug so I spent most of it camping out on the couch with her. Some of my family attends midnight Mass.

5. What do you usually do on Christmas Day? My siblings and their families all come over to our parents' house to open gifts and have brunch. We hang out around the house in the afternoon, then go over to my brother-in-law's parents' home for dinner.

6. Do you own any Christmas clothes or jewelery? No.

7. Do you use white or colored holiday lights? We have white single-strand and garland lights, blue garland lights, and some purple single-strand lights on reels. None of them are hung up at the moment.

8. Do you cook Christmas cookies? I make cookies whenever I feel like it.

9. Do you buy Christmas presents for your whole family? Immediate family, Laurel's paternal grandmother, aunt and cousin. I sometimes send baskets from Harry & David to a couple of aunts on Mom's side. Other than that, are you kidding? I have over a dozen first cousins on one side and my two cousins on the other side have six kids between them.

10. How many friends do you buy presents for? If I see something during the year that I want to give someone, I buy it and give it to them. Why hang onto it until December?

11. Is there a Santa Claus? Made out of maple sugar, sure. I have a whole bag of them!

12. Favorite Christmas carol? The Gloucestershire Wassail (of course).

13. Would you rather have a white Christmas or a warm one? I'd rather have sushi.

14. Was last year's Christmas a good one? I took my penguin with me. (Thanks again for making him, eilonwy.)

15. Which Christmas color do you like better? Green. I am not a red person.

16. Do you get a real Christmas tree, or is it artificial? We have a nice pre-lit artificial tree if I feel the urge to put one up here. My parents have gotten a real tree in years past.

17. When you get older, will you get a real or artificial tree? When I get older, I'll be older.

18. Do you hang stockings? Yep. I stuff them with random things I buy during the year and squirrel away. Laurel has a lovely needlepoint stocking I stitched up for her. The cats get premade stockings of cat toys I pick up on post-holiday clearance. (We open stockings here after Laurel and I return from visiting Colorado.)

19. Do you get up early on Christmas day? When I feel like it.

20. Does your family eat breakfast before or after opening presents? Yes. We have a brunch intermingled with the gift-opening.

21. When opening presents, does your family all open them at the same time? We all gather in the living room and open them one at a time.

22. What is usually in your stocking? At my parents': small toys, candy, and an orange. At my home: see question 18. Last year I had washable leather garden gloves, sticky tack, Post-It notes, flavored lip balm and some random small items.

23. Do you have a favorite ornament you hang on the tree? Not really, but I have a box of ornaments acquired one per year as a child and so does Laurel.

24. What Christmas movie do you like to watch the most? The Nightmare Before Christmas.

25. What do you like better, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day? Pie.
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