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Photos: our first clementines and this season's Meyer lemons.

may_lyn asked to see the fruit on the citrus trees we keep on the patio. I used some interesting angles to get the most of the fruit and the least of the side of the house (I moved them away from the railing for protection from the wind), but they're definitely turning away from green. Hooray!

Our fruit-bearing clementine loses most of its leaves in the fall, so you're seeing lime leaves and blossoms behind the fruit. (The clementine's leaves are narrower and more pointed at the ends, like a narrower version of the lemon leaves in the second photo.) The fruit to the left of center is sporting a paint spot on its top side from when our building was painted this summer and the fifth fruit is hiding in the back. Please forgive its shyness.

The Meyer lemons are about the size of my fist. They've been resting on the grill handle for the past few weeks because they're so big in comparison to the tree I'm afraid they would tip the tree over without support.

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