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Colorado travel dates set, Thanksgiving sushi, Biko non-update, webcam up.

Now that I have caught up on sleep and feel (mostly) human again, there are a few things I want to note before they fall out of my head.

- Our holiday travel dates are 23 Dec and 3 Jan. If you're in Colorado during that period and want to get together, let me know.

- We went to Tokyo One for Thanksgiving dinner. It was, as always, made of win.

- We haven't seen Biko at the outdoor dry food bowl in a few weeks. What I have seen: the ragdoll tom that's been outside for 3+ years, a little brown tabby, a young raccoon, and one visit from a [redacted] opossum. I'm sure none of them appreciate that they're chowing on Iams Weight Control, but hey. Bubby's inside and he's a hefty boy.

- I finally fished out the spare webcam and where is the one person that keeps asking me when I'm going to set it up? Not online tonight. d;
Tags: 394.264_holidays, 917_north_american_travel, cat-biko

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