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Colonial Day down, sore throat from the wood fire not yet tackled; batik as class craft?

Colonial Day was a trip. With no breaks between groups rotating through station, I was on my feet for three hours straight threading needles, distributing pinned sandwiches of fabric and batting to kids, and chasing after bits that blew away since the wind never settled on a single direction for me to rig up a windbreak. A fifth grader that really enjoyed cooking over the pit fires made a hot dog for me and kept me in platefuls of finger foods while I was handing out corn on the cob during lunch. I helped break down afterward and signed out later than planned so I had to thread through the standing back-up of cars waiting to pick up kids to find Vogon. On Monday I'll call the quilting station coordinator to pick up the basted squares and I'll assemble them into rag quilts for the spring auction that raises funds for field trips and other activities.

Now that I know that's what the fifth grade classes are doing for their class crafts for the auction, I'm thinking about picking up some Jacquard water-based resist so Laurel's class can make batik squares to go together into a quilt. I've already got cold-water dyes and some Bali batiks that would be fabulous for sashing and backing, so I'll bounce it off our class parent.

Next week is Thanksgiving break for Laurel, so we'll be hitting the library for her science fair project research and maybe cooking for Thanksgiving. Won't do much if it's just the three of us, but if the VogonDad is visiting, we'll plan something.
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