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Surplice =/= surplus; or, close enough for a discount retailer's clothing tag.

Over the weekend, I bought a surplice [1] top for Laurel. Blissfully ignorant of current fashion, I noticed Laurel was drawing them on some of her fashion drawings and spotted the top on a sale rack while looking for a cooler-season jacket to bridge the gap between track jacket and winter coat. Cutting off the tag before throwing the purchase in the hamper, I read the tag: "FG LS SURPLUS TOP". I am baffled by how someone could confuse homophones with such wildly different meanings.

1. A surplice bodice has two overlapping pieces at the bustline. Depending on where the overlap is sewn down and the bust of the wearer, the look can range from a modest v-neck to a deep plunge.
Tags: 640.73_shopping, 817_humor

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