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The Rockies are going to the World Series? What sign of the apocalypse is next?

My brother-in-law called earlier today to ask me if I'd mind hopping on the Rockies' website to buy World Series tickets for him on Monday morning. While he was waxing ecstatic about the team's success this year, I took the opportunity to mention that the Rockies' home PA announcer was a class behind me at D'Evelyn. He asked if I could get super ticket deals because of that. I bet Reed wouldn't remember me since the only classes we had together were CU Succeed classes my senior year.

So when did the Rockies stop sucking? I don't think the D'Evelyn eau de success rubs off that hard. (If so, stand closer. I can't get the smell off me.) Did they stop trading away all their new talent? Did they get an even number of Mexicans and Dominicans to shake things up?
Tags: 978.8_colorado, d'evelyn

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