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New toy (Roboraptor), Biko update, doc visit (boobies).

Vogon felt a pull to stop in at Radio Shack today. The pull was being issued by a floor model Roboraptor marked down to $32. (Figures.) We had to buy batteries and download a PDF copy of the manual, but it was pretty funny to make it roar at Bubby. Bubby's reaction: "I'm not messing with that sh*t." Laurel loves it.

We saw Biko again today, but the firbolg turned tail and ran into the shrubbery when she saw us. One of the local cat rescue groups lends out humane traps for a refundable deposit, so we're doing that this weekend.

Saw the doc today for a regular meds checkup (I get a new scrip every 3-4 months) and discussed a lump I noticed a few days ago. It's probably a benign cyst, but she referred me for a mammogram and I'm scheduled for Monday morning. I'm thankful for free-market health care because getting the referral and appointment took less time than trying to get a regular checkup scheduled when we had Tricare. We also won't have to drive all over creation to see an in-network practice -- the office staff verified eligibility and set up an appointment with a diagnostic practice ten minutes away. This is so many kinds of awesome it almost makes my sore breast stop hurting. (Although a lot of that is applying a heating pad. Heh.)
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