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I'm gonna go out round the building again, but if she's really out I'm out of luck.

Biko likes to sit on the patio. Since it's a second-floor balcony, we usually let her out for about an hour or until she bats at the door to let us know she wants back in.

I let her out this evening around 2045 and when I went to let her back in, she wasn't on the patio. Went through the house. (One of the patio doors opens into the master bedroom from outside and she's pushed it open to let herself in before.) No Biko. Bubby came out curious that I was meowing and calling for Biko. Went out around the building with a flashlight and some cat treats. Still no Biko.


edit 0030: Vogon woke up so I told him what happened. He chastised me for letting her go on the patio; apparently I wasn't supposed to let her because she's been upset with us ever since Bubby joined the household. I'm upset that I don't remember being told she couldn't go out -- and if she couldn't, why did he let her out on other occasions? I hope she comes home because he loves her so much, but I don't know why she'd jump off a second-floor balcony. She's been out there countless times since I've lived here without doing that.
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