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Flatulence's effect on my carbon footprint, science tattoos and Eliot's stepdad on NPR.

Bedroom chatter the other night...

Me: I wonder how much I enlarge my carbon footprint every time I have a lot of gas.
Vogon: ...
Me: Like cows and methane.
Vogon: Why isn't Al Gore against eating beans?


These science tattoos rock. They remind me of the time I discussed tattoos with toddler_hiway and he mentioned that if he ever got one, it would be the formula for Euler's number.


I heard Dr. Robert Zubrin on All Things Considered on Friday. I kept being distracted by thoughts of That's Eliot's stepdad! while he was talking. Evergreen really is too surreal to be home forever.
Tags: 700_art, 791.44_radio, 817_humor, 978.884_evergreen

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