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Melting Pot was empty, but they couldn't be arsed to seat us. I won't waste my time on them again.

We had a reservation tonight at The Melting Pot in Addison. I'm not exactly sure what "reservation" actually means there, because we were there on time and sat at their bar for an hour before realizing we weren't going to be seated anytime soon. The point was driven home after they seated two parties that came in after us and did not have prior reservations. (Yes, I have good hearing.)

Vogon asked what I'd rather have and I said Clay Pit, because we've eaten there before and I know their food is good. Found out that in the evenings all their available parking is coned off for valet parking... by valets that made my skill at backing out of spaces look smokin' l33t. We won't be eating there again.

So we're back home and I'm waiting for the shows I wanted to watch tonight anyway to repeat -- Who Wants to Be A Superhero? in half an hour, Burn Notice in an hour and a half. Vogon suggested we try again tomorrow, but he's smoking paint chips if he thinks we have any chance of having a dinner out that we don't have to wear earplugs for on a Friday night.

Another year, another time he learns there's a reason why I suggest we go to IHOP when he says we can eat anywhere for my birthday. I like to eat at restaurants. Like at ones that actually have parking spaces and serve food.
Tags: 976.42812_dallas, bad_business_practices, cranky

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