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Professor Fizzby's Wonderous Strange Collection of Wee Beasties

This is a checklist for me to reference as I add these patterns to my stash.

Wee Beasties, numbered:
  1. Blue Morpho, Morpho Cypria [butterflies]

  2. Indian Moon Moth, Ailanthus Silkmoth

  3. Lateral Ladybug, Two-Spotted Ladybug, Nine-Spotted Ladybug

  4. Ash Gray Ladybug, California Ladybug, Twice Stabbed Ladybug

  5. Common Green Darner [dragonfly]

  6. Blue-eyed Darner [dragonfly]

  7. Kelled Skimmer [dragonfly]

  8. Sixteen Spot Ladybug, Twenty-two Spot Ladybug, Fourteen Spot Ladybug

  9. Viceroy, Monarch [butterflies]

  10. [beetles]

  11. Cramer's Blue Morpho [butterfly]

  12. Blue Morpho [butterfly]

  13. Mother-of-Pearl Morpho [butterfly]

  • Young Professor Fizzby

  • Bee Collection - Queen of Bumblebees, Orchid Bee (green), Orchid bee (blue), Purple Wanna-Bee

  • Ladybug Collection - Vedalia Ladybug, Twenty Spot Ladybug, Ten Spot Ladybug, Ten-Spotted Ladybug

  • Mini Ladybugs 1 [reds]

  • Mini Ladybugs 2 [golds]

  • Thyridia [butterfly]

The Chronicles of Professor Fizzby

Sweeping through over one hundred years of British and American History, this tale follows three generations of the same family, whose lives are woven together through a century of fabulous history, great love, and tragic loss. Addressing the truth of the innate beauty of life, the magical tale resonates with large historical events and small personal truths. The Chronicles of Professor Fizzby revolve around several multi-layered, closely-linked collections of patterns containing a series of letters, narratives and phone calls which explore the luminous but sometimes cloudy relationships between men and women, family members and the pattern of events that repeat themselves over generations, within a family and within society at large.

So look for Professor Fizzby's Wonderous Strange Collection of Wee Beasties , Amelia's Outrageously Exotic Bloomers, Phoebe's Delicate Seaside Confections, and coming next year, Phineas Wickley's Irrationally Lovely Opera Whimsies, and join in the adventure of their lifetimes.
Tags: 746.443_cross-stitch_patterns

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