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I lose at fixing the car, but I'm starting to not care about it anymore.

Vogon's been driving the Volvo with the driver's side armrest halfway detached because he removed the screws to troubleshoot the driver's side door not opening from the outside and couldn't get it to detach it at the top of the armrest.

It was starting to annoy me, so I Googled it and found, then on to one of the forum member's websites to step-by-step directions on repairing the door handle. I followed them and found not only was the stop pin missing and the ear of the collar it goes through on the handle was broken.

A replacement door handle is relatively inexpensive to replace, so I thought I had it under control until I looked further and found the linkage way out of place and the spring that connects the linkage to the stop pin also missing. *sigh* Not sure what I'm going to do about that yet, but I asked at brickboard about the specs of the spring so I don't munge that up.

Around my attempts at troubleshooting beyond my limited car expertise, I got an earful from Vogon about how the Volvo is a POS that's not worth repairing (I have no idea what it needs to have done since it hasn't been seen by a mechanic yet) and how he hates driving it (he hasn't taken the Mustang to the mechanic either, instead driving the Volvo for the last two months).

If it wouldn't further piss him off, I'd suggest selling the Volvo.
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