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Back home, Laurel's enjoying Colorado, and I've got day camp this week.

I got back home safely yesterday, just later than planned after a late departure since Frontier held the plane at the gate to accommodate passengers coming from a connecting flight that arrived late, then waiting in the shuttle at the airport afterward for another passenger heading in my direction on the shared shuttle service I booked to get home. (Last week and early this week are crunch time for Vogon at work.) I got a lot of backstitching done on New World Discovery during the wait.

Between the delay and the rainy weather, I skipped the staffed setup time for Cub Scout day camp on Saturday. We drove over this afternoon to assemble the shade gazebo top and stake it down so we only have to put it up on its poles tomorrow. While we were out there, we ran into the district executive and he remembered me. I'm impressed; he's either got a great memory or made a really good guess based on my pack t-shirt.

I came home to a few surprises, like a dishwasher full of clean dishes and a note in Laurel's bathroom that maintenance had come in to fix the AC condensation line after our downstairs neighbor called in to report it was leaking. The holy grail of Vogon's china pattern that I had bought on eBay for a song arrived safe and sound in my absence as well. The piece goes for $170 on and frequently sells in the $100-120 range on eBay; I scored mine for the opening bid. Some days my fu is strong.

Laurel is having a great time at my parents'. She went to the rodeo parade with my brother and younger sister after I left for the airport and loved it, as well as loving her new pink cowboy boots. I talked to her this afternoon and encouraged her to enter the mutton bustin' competition at the rodeo. She leaves for a few days in Los Angeles with my dad and sister tomorrow, tagging along on Sarah's college visits there and whatever else they'll be doing. She's looking forward to riding the carousel on the Santa Monica Pier again and proudly told me so. I do not like carousels as an interior decorating motif, but the history and workmanship have a soft place in my heart.

I'm going to be running full tilt with day camp this week in its "evening" 1500-2000 session and have to pick up a network cable so my laptop can reach the Intarwebs until we deal with the wireless router (Vogon thinks the A/C adapter is dead), so don't expect to see me commenting regularly until next weekend.
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