Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu (oddharmonic) wrote,
Melissa, starry-eyed soy-lovin' Expatriated Zulu

Halfway-through-vacation post.

I'll be returning to Dallas on Saturday. My frozen toes are glad since the snow line briefly came down to 8000 feet a few nights ago, but I still haven't cracked the stored stuff I meant to get a dent in paring back on during this trip. iconoplast, let me know when you'd like to pick up toddler stuff; I'll call you if I don't hear from you by Tuesday or so.

My nephew is unbelievably cute and observant, though it's not like we'd expect any less (re observant, not the cuteness) in my family. I wanted to buy him a set of toy tools after I replaced tens of sockets as he systematically removed them from a tool case the other day, but he already has a great toy tool set. Maybe I'll buy him a drum to go with the copy of Go Baby Go! I'm getting him for his upcoming birthday. He loved the track "Ten Little Monkeys" when I played it for him from my laptop. I just like the point about two and a half minutes into the song when the lyrics go "Mama called the doctor and the doctor said / 'What are y'all doing in that bedroom?'".

Laurel has whipped through the math workbooks we bought last week at Beyond the Blackboard and is a few cards from finishing all 40 that come with the junior version of Rush Hour, so it's time to get her the regular game and the expansion decks. I also should order the workbooks recommended by the school district to reinforce what we're already doing to get her squared away to be at the level for the program she'll be in when school starts.

In my typical obliviousness to scheduling flights, my DEN-DFW flight on Saturday will be boarding at the same time the Evergreen Rodeo parade starts. I still have my fingers crossed for my brother's girlfriend to be named rodeo queen; last year she came close, so we hope this year is her year.

On my list of to-do items for this week:
- hitting the farmer's market for a bottle of blackberry balsamic vinegar since I missed it (the vinegar, not the farmer's market) last week,
- staining the ginormous wooden swingset* that will replace the wooden swingset that held court in my parents' backyard through Laurel's early years; it was great for a "free - you haul" find but reached the end of its useful life,
- munging together a short video-collage of photos and video clips from the helicopter discovery flight my brother took last week, complete with obnoxious audio samples and the M*A*S*H theme song, and
- not admitting that after staging a laptop bag intervention with my older sister, she has a new sleek bag that only holds work-related items, my younger sister has her treasured lime green-accented bag back, and I still haven't gotten off my duff to get even a protective sleeve for my laptop. -1 to my geek cred.

* I'm not kidding when I use the modifier "ginormous". This is one of the product photos:
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