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I don't think "Whitey will pay" justified vandalizing whitey's car for sh*ts and giggles.

Sometime late last night or early today, someone dumped a bunch of soap on the hood of our car, threw a tuna steak on the passenger seat, and liberally doused the interior and some of the exterior of the car with a chunky brown sauce.

I guess the fact that we don't block access to the second parking space that WE PAY FOR yet several of the neighbors use isn't enough to appease the local savages.

I filed a damage report with the complex management, but didn't bother calling the police. (When someone slashed our top and tires a few years ago, Dallas Police took a report but wouldn't print the car because it's not parked in an enclosed garage.)

If I catch who did it, they'll be sorry they didn't turn themselves in to the police. I have days of gawdawful children's music.
Tags: annoying_neighbors

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