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Cool Tools prompts me to wonder about lay medical skills. Also: sin in the camp! Bwahahaha.

The other day polyhymnia mentioned Cool Tools and I've been skimming there on and off since.[1] I'm fascinated by the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator since I have no problem sucking thick snot out of children's noses with a regular nasal bulb aspirator after using saline drops to thin the stuff. Still caught up in the health category, I'm amazed at the things in there I thought everyone kept on hand: disposable suture kits, QuikClot, self-adhering wraps, SAM splints.

That led me to wonder: is that sort of knowledge not common anymore? Does the average person know useful skills beyond basic emergency first aid like how to clean and suture simple wounds or set and immobilize fractures until an injured person can see a doctor? Are those "poor skills" I acquired as a result of living with medical industry-averse Himself or because I'm a curious mofo? (That's probably a bit of both since I got into taking all the Red Cross courses I could get into before I was involved with him.)

Also, this 5-pound fat replica? Awesome. I may buy one for the next time one of my extended relatives looks at my perfectly healthy daughter or nephew and asks "Where's the rest of them?". *snerk*

1. It's been punctuated by a long side trip through the TWoP threads about the Duggars because I was trying to explain the origin of "Vagina. It's Not A Clown Car" to someone. Now not only does that make me laugh, I keep laughing at "Sin in the camp!".
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