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A few product plugs before they fall out of my head:

After giving up on my half-hearted search for them, they found me: old-fashioned military-issue-style earplugs. I lost one of my pair several years ago and I've only been able to find the newer triple-flange style since. I look forward to reintroducing them into my rotating selection of earplugs.

Vogon got tired of our Brita filter not doing much for the fact that tap water in the Dallas area tastes like dirt at its best, so he shelled out for a ZeroWater filter. Regardless of what you think of it removing all dissolved solids (mostly stuff you should be getting from a daily multivitamin anyway), it does wonders for the taste at a better price point and convenience than buying reverse-osmosis filtered water. They also have great customer service, quickly replacing a pair of filter cartridges for us when one popped open in shipping and dripped little resin beads on the kitchen floor when we opened the box.

Ziploc Big Bigs have become my secret weapon in organizing art supplies, things for Cub Scout den meetings, and paper products waiting to be shredded.

And I adore everything that comes out of our DeLonghi panini grill, like the delicious Muenster grilled cheese Vogon made me for lunch today.


Apr. 30th, 2007 01:56 am (UTC)
There's an ear plug store? Wow.

I remember that those earplugs were the first I ever used. At a concert. They certainly worked, and I've wondered about them ever since.

As to the big bags, I saw those at Target the other day, and debated buying them. Maybe I'll give them a try, since you give them "thumbs up" ratings.
Apr. 30th, 2007 02:12 am (UTC)
There are places that make custom-molded earplugs at $100+ per pair. No kidding.

I grew up fascinated by the then-military-issue earplugs because my dad's were stored in a clear plastic case that looped around the shoulder strap on his uniform. Years later, I learned they came in colors keyed to the earplug size and bought a couple of pairs at the Army/Navy surplus store in Arvada, but I lost one of the pair that fit ages ago.

Right now my two most used pairs are a pair of Aqua Hearos triple-flange earplugs for swimming and a pair of pink and neon yellow foam earplugs that are so bright I probably could find them in the dark. (:

I fit 18 skeins of Lion Boucle yarn into one of the large Big Bags. I haven't tried the XL or XXL size bags yet, but I suspect they'll be awesome for storing loose quilt batting and fake fur. (:
Apr. 30th, 2007 07:40 am (UTC)
Haha! The Ear Plug Super Store! Thank you! I wish that they'd existed when last I looked for ear plugs, and I'm sure that I'll be looking through their catalogue!


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