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Blogging from the couch, weekend plans, gift basket themes I didn't scratch and a cold Scout event.

Being able to blog from the couch is almost as good a feeling as new glasses. Thanks, little sister. (She's upgrading to a tablet, so it's a win-win for both of us.)

This weekend's objectives include getting the helium tank filled, ordering a boxed lunch for myself for next week's field trip I'll be a chaperon on, making bread and putting finishing touches on the two gift baskets I coordinated for the silent auction at next week's school carnival. And finding a webcam for the amusement of a good friend under the impression that I'm cute. (;

I'm particularly proud of the baskets: a hermit crab starter kit with kid-appealing accoutrements my Cub Scouts picked out and a toddler girl's selection of handmade dresses and accessories. I'll post photos next week.

Last week's Arrow of Light ceremony was chilly so any pictures of me in my Scout uniform have my purple Polarfleece jacket over my uniform shirt. Once S. burns me a CD with the photos she took with Laurel or me in them, I'll post those too. She took a couple shots of the kiddo with bluebonnets at the park, which is great since I was so cold I only took a few photos of the cakes I decorated.
Tags: 004_computers, 369.43_scouting, 372_elementary_school, 381.45_gift_ideas

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