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Early season gardening report.

I put the big pots out on the patio a few weeks ago even though we weren't clear from possible hard freezes for the season since our patio is more sheltered from the elements than a more traditional garden. Since then, here's what's happened:

- We repotted the cabernet grapes over the winter from 8" diameter to gallon-sized self-watering pots and a 6' high trellis for each plant. So far one has started its spring growth with a handful of leaves.
- One of the key limes was over 50% defoliated on a windy day a few weeks ago. Both limes are covered in blossoms and have about a dozen little fruit buds between them. They produced fruit throughout the winter and I look forward to the next batch.
- The taller tangerine was similarly defoliated on the same day, although it mostly lost leaves in the upper half of its height. I'm seeing it as a sign to trim back before spring because it was getting gangly and hard to move at around 6' tall. (It was grown from a seed and is highly unlikely to ever produce fruit.) The other tangerine is doing fine and I look forward to it blossoming again and hopefully setting fruit this year.
- The Meyer lemon has one fruit on it that's slightly larger than a jellybean. We enjoyed one of two fruit it produced last year; Vogon noted it was the juiciest lemon he's ever had. The other fruit fell off the tree on its own and has been composted.
- The pineapple top spread to about 5' across over the winter and had to be trimmed back in order to be moved back outside.
- The hibiscus looks terrible; the leaves looked dried out and are curling up despite regular care. I suspect it might have gotten some non-water liquid on it from Laurel when she oiled her bike near it a few weeks ago. We'll see if it turns around.

Inside, we have a new cyclamen and an orchid respectively brightening up the bedroom windowsill and the kitchen counter. Laurel has a cardboard egg carton with flower mix seedlings in it.

In general garden and patio notes, we've hung feeders with thistle and a wild bird mix for our avian visitors and I'm looking at buying a couple of ceiling-mounted bike lifts ($23 each from Amazon.com) to store our mountain bikes up off the patio floor. I haven't found a deck box yet that's exactly what I want, but one that's good enough to neatly stow away patio supplies and secure them from easy accessibility by children may be the ticket for me. On my to-do list is figuring out what hardware needs to be replaced to reassemble our patio table since all that's keeping it from being usable is probably some table rim clips.


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Mar. 5th, 2007 01:14 am (UTC)
This is a completely random comment, but I was wondering if I could take your Diva Cup icon. I'm a recent convert and I love that icon. :)
Mar. 6th, 2007 05:35 am (UTC)
I think that's the first time anyone's mentioned my rather quiet Divacup icon. You're welcome to use it!
Mar. 5th, 2007 01:36 am (UTC)
sounds like you've been busy! pictures, please?

hope you're well and happy.
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