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This has been the weirdest Valentine's Day yet. I bought a dozen roses at cost yesterday to close out the balance for the individual roses our pack sold at the school choir performance last night (they're singing at the Texas Music Educators Association convention tomorrow in San Antonio) and found when I got home that Vogon had bought a dozen roses while he was out last night too. Now I keep expecting to have company over or a funeral with all the cut flowers in the house.

Today I took cupcakes in to Laurel's class party to find that two other families had sent them as well and we had a ton more food than at the December party, so there were tons of leftovers afterward. Three of her classmates gave out valentines with temporary tattoos attached, so Laurel has a cluster of hearts from a Bratz-themed valentine on her cheek and I put a Jedi-themed tattoo on one of her classmates' arms. Whee!

Vogon wants to get me something for Valentine's Day and there isn't really anything I want that falls into his gift categorization of something I wouldn't buy for myself, so I'm thinking I'll ask for a subscription to Games World of Puzzles since I buy Games at the grocery store (I like to squee like a little girl when I find it hiding among all the mainstream magazines there) and we all know I'm a sucker for Pencilwise. (:

I forgot to mention it over the weekend, but we got a big black triggerfish and a couple damsels for our finally-ready saltwater tank. Because of the way his fins move, we named the triggerfish Planck. But I call him Max.


[later:] I am extremely pleased with the outcome of Beauty & the Geek. Nate did the right thing.


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Feb. 15th, 2007 03:58 am (UTC)
This first part of my reply has nothing to do with your post, but your icon. I have that cup/saucer set!!!! Whee!!!

On to your post: Pictures of said flowers?
Feb. 15th, 2007 05:48 am (UTC)
Is it a good set? I saw them at Bits & Pieces (puzzle catalog) in January but was unsure whether to buy a pair. It's so cute I'm still tempted. (:

Do you want me to walk around the house and take photos of them? I broke the dozen I bought into three in a bud vase for Laurel's room, one in my favorite bud vase for my desk, and eight in a short vase (it looks funny with long-stem roses in it) on the dining table. The dozen with greenery and stuff I just trimmed the stems on and dropped into a regular vase and they're sitting near the edge of the living room table because it's got piles of paper and art supplies waiting for me to put away, shred, or file. I gotta kick myself to do that soon!
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