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Brief meaningful update, heads-up to Trish, props to Laurel, and who sent the book?

I haven't been reading LJ lately because I've been pretty busy in between being sick. Hopefully today's warmth and sun burned out that lingering cough so I'm not feeling like the weather when the next cold front comes through.

Trish, I'll e-mail you in the next few days to discuss food now that I'm not feeling like a walking cold incubator. I've finally gotten caught up on the things I was behind on in January so I am ready to plunge headfirst into kitchen time. A good reason to use my stand mixer is good by me too. (:

The photo Laurel entered in the 2006-07 Reflections Program has advanced to state judging. You can see her in council results (scroll down to McKamy) and area results (scroll down to Photography). I am ridiculously proud of my jiffypickle!

Who sent the SmartLab Weird and Gross Challenge book? It was mailed from Oregon so I have a few guesses, but it's still a very giggle-inducing item to find in one's mail.

edit 10 Feb: The package was from Parent Hacks editor Asha Dornfest. I was a featured ParentHacker in early January and it was a token of appreciation for answering the interview questions. Woo swag!
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