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So a drum kit is a perfectly reasonable purchase when you live on the top floor?

We finally got to see the neighbor's drum kit. It's an electronic drum kit, for whatever that's worth. (I'd guess about $800.)

Apparently the Sea Hag is unaware we can hear it being used and only noticed the "sudden thumping noise" that was me throwing a volleyball at our ceiling as hard as I could, which was odd because her pwecious son "only dropped a drum tool" (after six throws on my end). She thought the thumping was someone running in the breezeway.


In other news, our end of the building was leafletted with double-sided sheets reminding us of curbside trash pickup times and that dog owners are expected to pick up their dog poo outside. Funny, we only got semi-regular leaflets about dog poo before they moved in. *cough*
Tags: annoying_neighbors

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