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How I spent my Friday and a brief feline houseguest update.

Yesterday I volunteered at a neighborhood Washington Mutual location's grand opening. Got to meet interesting local people, fed breakfast to a team of cheerleaders, and was frequently mistaken as an employee of either the bank or the local deli that delivered the food trays I was tending. A couple of DJs from Mix 102.9 were there with swag; they hooked me up with copies of Charlotte's Web and The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack. I also traded cards with a balloon twister, jumped in a bouncy castle, and opened a savings account for Laurel. In the midst of my three back-and-forth trips that day, Laurel and I found a geocache, Cliff Hanger (GCMRA6).

Today Vogon encouraged me to sleep late, so I'm /finally/ almost caught up on that nagging sleep debt from being sick this month. After a trip out for groceries and sundries, I marveled at how much better our feline houseguest is doing -- he finally seems to be really alert and is filling back out. Biko is still growling and hissing at him, but she's doing it less and letting him get closer to her. I got the kitchen prepped for Vogon to try his hand at sausage-making (he got the sausage stuffer parts for the KitchenAid mixer's food grinder attachment for Christmas) but he's been sleepy on and off all evening. I'm about to follow suit.
Tags: 641_food, 910.28_geocaching, 976.42812_dallas, cat-biko, cat-maxwell

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